7 Ways to be spiritual without spending money

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Use these 7 simple tips to enter deeper into your spiritual life without spending money…

1. Slip into silence

Every day our bodies and minds have to cope with a constant trickle of noise attacking our senses, making it difficult for us to relax and making it impossible to hear our inner voice; we literally cannot hear ourselves think. Make friends with Silence. Find a quiet place where you can be relaxed in the peace of silence.

2. Forget fear

Switch off the TV and radio! Gain a stress free state of being. Deep subconscious fears are created by daily reported crime and violent, blood curdling films together with soap opera dramas, keeping your body and mind in a state of danger alert and shock.

3. Return to nature

Walk in nature or in a park, find a tree and hug it! The best feeling in the world is when a tree hugs you back. Sit with your back against the tree trunk, and allow yourself to feel the tree giving you healing energy.

4. It’s fun to practise…

…letting go of judgement, criticising, complaining or blaming others. Try to abolish holding grudges, envy, belittling yourself or others, road rage, resentments and regrets.

5. It’s healing to practise…

…always counting your blessings and loving unconditionally. Respect and value yourself and others. Practise giving and receiving, acceptance, trust and surrendering to the flow. Be present in the moment and let go of the past.

6. Stop wasting energy

Time and energy are often wasted on trivial matters. Be aware of your thoughts and actions. It’s your time – your energy, your life; don’t waste it on trivia.

7. Master your reality

Every moment of every day, you have conscious choices to make. You create your own reality with your thoughts. Be kind to yourself, remember to be positive and choose to create happy moments.