What to expect in a session

A Theta Healing session with Lorena is powerful and relaxing.

Together you will discuss the areas of your life you want to focus on and change. These may be fears, illness, physical, emotional or spiritual issues, relationships, finances, career.  You may be finding it difficult to come to terms with unexpected or difficult changes that have affected your life such as childbirth, divorce, death, career change, redundancy, or retirement. Or you may just want to experience Theta Healing.

Lorena will explain to you how Theta Healing works and why it is necessary to identify and change any limiting subconscious beliefs that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Muscle testing

In Theta Healing, to confirm that you have a limiting belief and to confirm that changes have been made, we use Muscle Testing.

Muscle Testing is a method used in Applied Kinesiology; it is a way we can communicate directly with our body and subconscious mind because it bypasses the critical mind. When you state an untruth, your body’s electromagnetic field weakens, causing your muscles to weaken. When you state a truth, you body’s electromagnetic field becomes stronger – resulting in muscle strength.

Before we start

To prepare for a session, you will need to be hydrated to enable muscle testing to work properly, so it is important to drink a couple of glasses of water before the appointment and possibly during the session.

Theta Healing – in essense

To be able to clear the way to achieving your true potential and enjoy the happy life you want to live, we must remove the negative belief and replace it with something positive.