How I discovered Theta Healing

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Blossom on treesNothing in this universe exists in its merely physical aspect; everything is energy – and we are energy beings…

In 1992, I was given my medicine name ‘Earth Singing Heart’ during my apprenticeship with Duncan Wordley, founder of Medicine Wheel Shamanism. Living close to nature in North Wales, I began my journey to self-healing and spiritual nurturing with Native American Indian teachings and ceremony.

After many years’ experience in both body and energy work (developed whilst working and training in the UK, India and Thailand), when my children left home I found myself free to travel and continue my spiritual growth and healing in India. It was during this period that I first heard about Theta Healing.

I was always aware of the power of thoughts.

Nothing in this universe exists in its merely physical aspect; everything is energy – and we are energy beings. The more I learned, the more I found Theta Healing techniques fascinating.

Theta Healing uses our natural intuition and the highest healing vibration of unconditional love to find and remove the hidden thoughts and beliefs held in the subconscious mind – which hold us back from living the life we want to live.

Our bodies, words, thoughts and emotions are all energy, constantly being projected out into the cosmic ocean of energy and, in turn, affect everything.

Six years ago I decided to move to London to live near my children and grandchildren. Only a few weeks later, in an extraordinarily synchronised way, I was fortunate enough to meet Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing, and hear her give a talk about how she had discovered Theta Healing following a diagnosis of cancer.

Everything she tried, both conventional and alternative, failed, until she employed a simple technique that she used in her work as an intuitive reader and healer: ‘to go up above [her]self, connect to the Creator and command and receive instant healing’ – emotional or physical. The cancer destroying the right femur in her leg was instantaneously healed.

Theta Healing is not based on any religion. ‘Creator’ is a name given to the energy permeating throughout every living thing. Some may call this ‘God,’ ‘Divine Love,’ or ‘Universal Intelligence’.

Vianna established that the technique she used tapped into the Theta brain wave – a deep, subconscious state of relaxation, also reached in hypnosis, deep sleep or yogi-level meditation.

In her talk she explained how limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious create disharmony in the body, mind and spirit, resulting in dis-ease.

She also spoke about how some people have never experienced the energy of certain feelings in their lives, perhaps due to being neglected or traumatised as children, therefore rendering them unable to develop these feelings.

Sometimes we lose them somewhere in the drama of this existence. In order to bring, for example, joy or love into our lives, we have to first experience them and know what they feel like. If these feelings are missing, they can be downloaded from the Creator through Theta Healing and integrated into the individual.

All this intrigued me immensely and I decided to investigate and try to find evidence to support Vianna’s claims for myself. Since that time, I have studied and experienced Theta Healing and seen the amazing results in my own health and life and in the lives of others.

I have now trained as a Theta Healing practitioner and teacher and have seen the dramatic effect Theta Healing has upon the abilities of the intuitive person, easily creating physical well-being and greater spiritual awareness.

In Theta Healing, the practitioner works energetically with the client to find out if they have certain long-held beliefs, or have not experienced specific feelings.

They then ask for the client’s verbal permission to connect with the Creator of All That Is. Using the command process, they witness the removal of unwanted beliefs and the energy of the desired feelings being downloaded from the Creator and flowing through every cell of the person’s body.

In belief and feeling work, we are actually training our cells to live without certain feelings, such as depression. This gives us the ability to literally change our minds; to reset the receptors for depression or other unwanted feelings and to open new receptors that can be recreated in a Theta wave.

As quickly as a belief or thought can enter our minds, so it can also be removed. Once this has happened, the person is better-equipped to create life changes.

I am passionate and committed to teaching and helping to empower others to recreate their realities, making it easy to live happy lives with complete well-being and abundance.

I’m now living in North Wales, but ever the Nomad, I travel frequently. I can also work with you from anywhere in the world – via Skype or phone. I look forward to meeting you.

With love,