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Animal Communication & Healing


Giving Animals a Voice

Do you have questions concerning your animals health or behaviour?

Do you think your pet is happy?

l will always do the best l can to help you find the answers you need to knowyour pet’s well being.



Bringing People and Animals Together.

It’s a wonderful privilege for me to work with animals, my expertise has been with horses, dogs, cats and birds, however, I would be very excited to work with other animals too.

Animals are sentient beings they communicate with their body language and on a sensory level, they are known to see energy and to  be a reflection of  what’s happening in their environment.

Through intuitive and sensory communication l can give a voice to animals and create a safe environment in which they can convey their messages and needs.

Some of your pet’s issues l can help you with are:

Separation Anxiety.                 Aggressiveness and fighting.

Loss of an owner.                     Stressful situations

Death of another pet.               Coming to the end of their life.

Shock & Traumatic experiences.            Fear and nervousness.

Accepting new pets or family members.


I will ask questions about your pet’s history, their environment, your relationship, with their relationship with other pets and other people they come into regular contact with.

When we have determined that l can help you  can choose up to three issues you need addressing.

Then you may like to book a Communication and Healing Programme.

The programme consists of the following –

First.  l will make a connection and communicate with your pet, focusing on your questions and concerns.

Second. You will receive a verbal feedback report and together we decide on a healing plan.

Third. Your pet receives the beneficial healing which is carried out remotely or in person depending upon where you live.  I will call you when it is completed.

Fourth.  A week later you will receive a further check-in call.

Cost £125

l do not make any diagnoses or prescribe medication or make any changes to existing medication. I always advice clients to turn to a veterinarian or other qualified professional.

Confidential Policy

I respect human and animal privacy and will only share any information that l have received during the communications with you.

If l want to share information about a particular animal for marketing, teaching or research l will first ask your permission to do so.