Creative Meditation


Are you struggling to find new ideas? Feeling stuck unable to express yourself with you music, art or craftwork.?  Are  you a writer suffering a writers block?

A lack of vision or ideas in business or in life in general creates feelings of frustration, stress, fears and anxieties.

What would it mean to you to learn simple and natural techniques to free the blockages that are stopping your creative energy flow?


By nature we are creative beings.  Imagination is mankinds greatest gift for without it nothing could be created.

When we are deprived or unable to express our creativity, we lose faith in ourselves, fuel the beliefs of not being good enough and begin to shut down and self sabotage.

All of which are known factors towards undermining self confidence and self worth, which can contributes to suffering with depression, mental health issues and a variety of physical ailments and disorder.

During this enlightening workshop you will begin to understand how  and why these blocks are formed, and how they can be released gently and effectivly to help you return to the peak of your creativity.

Creative Meditation combines a safe, relaxing guided meditation (no prior meditation experience necessary)  designed to help you recognise and release your creativity blocks.

Folowing the meditation there will be an opportunity to discuss your experience safely and confidentially with Lorena and other members of the group.

After a break for lunch, we will resume with a variety of art material and music to allow your natural creativity find expression.

The fun starts here!

All art materials will be provided, if you have something you would like to work on feel free to bring it with you.

Bring a yoga mat, cushion and blankets, chairs are available if you prefer.

If you have further questions contact Lorena.

Tel : 07984 959244







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Tuesday 3rd September 2019